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Grassfed Beef Shares


We offer grassfed beef shares from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch every couple months throughout the year. Contact lydia@pennscorner.com or 724-840-1672 to place an order!  A $200 deposit is required upon ordering, and the remainder may be paid for upon pickup.  We accept check or credit card for payments. 

Jubilee’s 100% Grassfed All Natural Beef Share:

Approximately 66 lbs. for $518

Actual weight will be billed by the average price of $7.85/lb.  All items come individually vacuum sealed (except for the soup bones) and frozen.  Grassfed from start to finish.  Hormone and antibiotic free.

  • Steaks:
    • 3 lbs. – Ribeye Steaks and/or NY Strip Steak (10 oz. steaks)
    • 2 lbs. – Ribeye Deckel Steaks (8 oz. steaks)
    • 4 lbs. – Flat Iron or Petite Tenders (8 to 12 oz. steaks)
    • 6 lbs. – Sirloin Steaks (5-8 oz. steaks)
  • Roasts:
    • 10 lbs.  – Rolled Rump Roast or Bone-in Chuck Roast (2.5-3.5 lb. roasts)
  • Additional:
    • 10 lbs. - Baby Back Ribs or Short Ribs (in 1-2 lb. packages)
    • 1 lb.  –Liver (in 8 oz. packages)  
    • 25 lbs. - premium ground beef (in 1 lb. packages)
    • 5 lbs. of Soup bones

  **Please note that some cuts may be substituted for equal or better cuts due to availability


ADD ON OPTIONS:   If you would like to add additional steaks to your share, Jubilee is offering them at a discounted rate of $9.82/lb.  

  • Sirloin steaks (5 to 8 oz each)
  • Denver steaks (5 to 8 oz each)
  • Flat Iron steaks (8 to 12 oz each)
  • Petite Tenders (8 to 12 oz each)

Click here to read a NYT article about the benefits of grassfed beef compared to conventional beef!


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